The workshop « Introduction to the CS-R and CHESSSS 2 » will be presented by Patrick Fontan and Anne Andronikof during the Rorschach Centenary Congress in Geneva (July 11-15, 2022). Below is the abstract of the workshop :

This workshop presents the first authorized revision of the Comprehensive System (CS-R). Indeed, John Exner, who constantly revised and enhanced the CS until his death in 2006, was persuaded that the system still had to evolve in accordance with the evolution of psychological science. One key-point of the CS, among others, was the introduction of norms in Rorschach assessment. Following his example, substantial efforts from the Rorschach community led to the publication of normative data for several countries. Empirical evidence showing that CS normative data differ across countries will be presented. In accordance with recommendations set by major institutions such as APA or ITC emphasizing the importance of cross-cultural adaptation of psychological tests, the new official software for the CS-R, CHESSSS-2®, allows practitioners to compare their client’s results to national norms through an innovative algorithmic and statistical “Norm Simulation” technique. Other features of the CS-R include a revision of the coding system, with the objective of enhancing inter-scorer reliability and additional elements of interpretation. The CS-R was developed by a team of international CS specialists in the framework of the newly founded International Rorschach Institute. These developments are supported by Rorschach Workshops and John Exner’s heirs.

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