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  • Experience CHESSSS 2: Bridging Tradition and Modernity
  • Welcome to the website of the International Rorschach Institute, editor of the Comprehensive System – Revised® (CS-R) and creator of the CHESSSS 2® software, a significant advancement in the field of Rorschach assessment.

    Designed to serve your professional needs, respect data privacy, and promote cultural diversity, CHESSSS 2 offers an intuitive interface and enhanced features.

  • Why choose CHESSSS 2 ?
  • - Cultural Inclusivity: Compare patient results to National Reference Samples and visualize results with a clear and readable profile sheet, simplifying communication.
  • - User-Friendly Interface: Navigate with ease. Our intuitive interface enhances your experience, making the assessment process smoother and more efficient.
  • - Clarity in Analysis: Follow a clear and concise path during analysis, simplifying the interpretation of assessment data.
  • - Flexible Assessment: Tailor assessments to your needs with the Supplementary Scales and deepen insights into specific relevant areas.

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  • Discover the benefits of CHESSSS 2 for yourself with our one-week free trial. No commitment required. Simplify your assessments, enhance accuracy, and provide richer clinical interpretations starting today.
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  • Take advantage of our special annual license offer, starting at only 100€ (payment in the application). Benefit from the added advantage of an unlimited number of assessment protocols. Your investment in CHESSSS 2 opens the door to more accurate and informed assessments for your patients. Available for PCs (Mac version on the way).
  • Work with Confidence
  • With CHESSSS 2, retain direct control over data security by installing the software locally on your computer. Use it offline, without transferring clinical data over the internet, and manage the confidentiality of clients’ information for yourself.
  • Publications
  • - Fontan, P., Andronikof, A., Nicodemo, D., Al Nyssani, L., Guilheri, J., Hansen, K. G., ... & Nakamura, N. (2013). CHESSSS: A Free Software Solution to Score and Compute the Rorschach Comprehensive System and Supplementary Scales. Rorschachiana, 34(1), 56-82
  • - Smith, J. M., & Taylor, E. E. (2016). CHESSSS: An Innovative Rorschach Scoring Program. Journal of personality assessment, 98(6), 660-662