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Open-Source Rorschach CS Scoring Solution
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  • Discover the widely adopted open-source solution for Rorschach scoring. Trusted by professionals around the world, CHESSSS 1 offers efficient scoring and computation of the Comprehensive System and Supplementary Scales.
  • Key Features
  • - Keywords: Enhance readability and analysis of the Structural Summary
  • - Supplementary Scales: Rorschach Oral Dependency, Extended Aggression Scores, and more
  • - Visual Comparisons: Double code protocols and compare results with ease
  • - Kappa coefficients: Compute inter-rater reliability coefficients (kappa) for protocol groups
  • - Handbook: Available in English, Italian and Spanish

Operate with Microsoft Excel or MS Excel for Mac | Free to use

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  • Experience the convenience of CHESSSS 1 for efficient scoring, visual comparisons, and inter-rater reliability. Enhance your Rorschach assessments with an open-source solution trusted by professionals worldwide.
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  • With CHESSSS 1, retain direct control over data security by installing the software locally on your computer. Use it offline, without transferring clinical data over the internet, and manage the confidentiality of clients’ information for yourself.
  • Publications
  • - Fontan, P., Andronikof, A., Nicodemo, D., Al Nyssani, L., Guilheri, J., Hansen, K. G., ... & Nakamura, N. (2013). CHESSSS: A Free Software Solution to Score and Compute the Rorschach Comprehensive System and Supplementary Scales. Rorschachiana, 34(1), 56-82
  • - Smith, J. M., & Taylor, E. E. (2016). CHESSSS: An Innovative Rorschach Scoring Program. Journal of personality assessment, 98(6), 660-662